What is the "Secret Sauce"!

Why "Mindful Finance"?
Five Promises
  1. We promise that your team will achieve the following:​
  2. Improved strategic or "ownership" thinking
  3. Measurable net profit improvement
  4. Measurable cash flow increase
  5. Greater awareness of the impact of their decisions on other areas
  6. Increased team synergy with financial and operational goals

We guarantee that you and your team will achieve a 500% return or better on your training investment within 6 months after starting this program or we will return your customization fee - no questions asked.

One Guarantee

Online, Live Mentoring

Online, Live Mentoring in small groups brings it all home and ensures immediate changes in performance and focus.

Customized To Your Numbers

Your team will learn rapidly and retain what they are learning because it will be your actual numbers, objectives and concerns.

On-Demand e-Learning

 Managers will enjoy "accelerated" financial learning in the convenience of their own computer and schedule.

We created Mindful Finance to help individuals and companies realize that numbers are powerful and understanding them is  key to making correct financial decisions and creating a successful company.

In the short term, train your non-financial managers to improve profit & cash flow; in the long term, change their decision-making confidence and mindset for good!